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I’m a Director / Visual Artist born in London. I studied Fine Art at the University of Reading. My passion lies within the realms of Filmmaking; I consider the Camera as a time machine, the Cinema screen as a Dream Machine and Cinema as a Dreamscape. I paint with light and "sculpt with time" to create journeys, to pierce into the audiences soul and bring them out into the fabric of something entirely new.

There are many films that have inspired me, but Memento was a key influence on me when I watched it over 10 years ago. Its the film that sparked a desire within myself to become a filmmaker. It’s a film I keep coming back to and re-watching. Those are the best films, the ones that can stand the test of time and you could always enjoy. Over the years as I became more aware of films several other films have also inspired me to a similar effect, such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Lots and Lots of Jean-Luc Godard!!! and many more!

Got to keep doing what I’m doing, making films, always learning, always experimenting! If I’m not making films, I find myself talking about them.

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