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Electronic Musician, Artist & DJ: Transatlantic convergence artist Sheer Zed started singing at the age of eight. Sheer Zed also showed an interest in audio production, producing experimental tape shows (The “Me” Show!) in his bedroom at the age of eleven and started to write songs at sixteen. With a strong leaning to electronically based music, Sheer Zed recorded an industrial electronic album “Electro-Punk ’86” during the 1980’s. Sheer Zed has been in a couple of bands, Jennifer Street (a Beatley acoustic pop combo gigging in residence and being played on BBC Radio One Steve Wright’s Demolisten spot after handing John Peel a tape. John didn't quite like it but the legend passed it on to Steve bless him) and The Martians (a London based underground space rock squat band infamously invading numerous urban spaces and venues with their insane and surreal situationist happenings and raves) From performing in London parties with the likes of Rachel Ayers (Soft Machine’s Kevin Ayers daughter) to numerous appearances on TV, film, radio, stage and cable, Sheer Zed has performed in many creative art based engagements. Sheer Zed has also been involved in stand up comedy as a solo and double act (Paul & the Grown Up). Sheer Zed is also a film maker and has shown his experimental films at The Reel Love Club and The Exploding Cinema. Sheer Zed then became the infamous “Arthur Arthurson” for a couple of years at the world famous London Dungeon, hiding in the exhibits and playing the judge terrifying and sentencing people to death from across the planet. Sheer Zed even moved Jonathan Ross TV mogul to call him a "f**king nuisance". Moving to California in 1999, Sheer Zed released his debut album “Music for Your Head” on his very own outsider electronica label (SZR) Music. Moving back to the UK in 2005 Sheer Zed is still regularly producing and releasing music, remixing other artists tracks, creating art and interacting with the expanding electronic consciousness known as the internet.

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