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I am a director, choreographer, multi-talented performer and educator. My artistic practice is fueled by the desire to heighten humanity’s sense of what we already know about life.

I want to help people remember their own footprints in the sand.

I am interested in making work and creating life experiences that move across cultures and artistic genres. My own career has taken me from dancing with Cirque du Soleil and singing on Broadway to traveling throughout Ghana with a traditional West African dance company; from singing with the New York based, all-female a cappella group, Anamcara to performing internationally as a solo theater artist and community engager.

I weave together a hybrid movement vocabulary influenced by my western contemporary training and South Asian traditional upbringing. I layer percussive rhythmic structures, theatricality and live singing, in a way that is said to be profoundly reflective of our complex, global, and multi-layered contemporary world.

I tell stories, as anti-modern as it sounds.
And I dance to the music.
Not always, but enough to make you wonder what box I fit in.
I don’t fit into a box.

I deal with serious issues with a large dose of humor because I truly believe that humor, as a powerful survival mechanism, allows us to access our deepest emotions.

I have an M.F.A degree from UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures, and am a continuing student of Life. As an artist, I will not use you as my psychological and emotional dumping ground. I am not as interested in me as I am in stretching me.

I stretch the imagination.
I step into someone else’s shoes.

My commitment to artistic innovation, personal transformation and social change continues to lead me to work with various artists and non-artist communities - both locally and abroad - where I strive to build bridges across class, gender, age and cultural differences through the arts.

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