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You can move the SoCal kid to Nashville but you can't get the SoCal out of the kid. Born and raised in San Diego I embraced everything out doors and dangerous.

Everything is a contest to me. I have to win, I always win...Well...except when playing my daughter in Mario Kart, and Crazy 8's with my wife. The more challenging your project, the more excited I get. Anything worth doing is worth over doing. I love to be unexpected but realize that the tried and true way may be the best way...sometimes.

I sometimes care what people think of me, but most of the time don't. Relationships are everything to me and my business. I typically like to work with a client then grill out with them the following week. I love people who aren't afraid to speak their mind, but still care about other people.

I realize that if you **GEEK** over your images or video, I won't ever have to spend a dollar on advertising. Your word of mouth referral means everything to me.

Hit me up on my contact page so we can get this project going.


Jim Cook

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