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I threw these colors down in a fit of rage
My feelings hardly fit onto the page

It starts, as always, with that voice. Two parts Alabama sunshine; one part Memphis rainstorm, it’s one of the most gorgeous sounding instruments in all of popular music.

Cloudy memories make for darker grays
But blue is how I paint myself today

So begins Shelby Lynne’s thirteenth full-length album I Can’t Imagine, featuring 10 new songs written or co-written by the Grammy-winning vocalist. I Can’t Imagine is powered by Lynne’s vocal performance, her sparkling songwriting, and the versatile playing of a top-flight band, led by guitarist Ben Peeler.

The songs themselves reflect the range of Lynne’s influences – from Southern soul, Crescent City R&B, and California country & western to the ardent social consciousness of precursors like Woody Guthrie and even the roots 'n' blues vocalizing of Billie Holiday. According to Lynne, the songs were mostly written in a swift burst in 2012. Asked what was going on in her life at the time, she replies, “What wasn’t going on? There are always twists and turns.”

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