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Shell Shock Pictures aims to infuse advertising campaigns with a reportage aesthetic to create credible, emotionally engaging visuals with an emphasis on narrative.

It also symbolizes the crystallization of a life long collaboration between two friends and documentarians.

Ashley Gilbertson and Timothy Grucza forged their friendship in Melbourne, Australia, while trying to escape the suburban life they were documenting. In the twenty years since, Gilbertson went from photographing skate boarders to winning The Robert Capa Gold Medal for his work in Falluja, Iraq. Grucza evolved from a film school expulsion to winning the grand prize at the Banff Festival for his feature-length film, White Platoon.

An Emmy and an ASME later, the two founded Shell Shock Pictures. Gilbertson and Grucza firmly believe there is room for innovation in the industry, and ironically, that could mean returning to a way of story telling that is not reliant on gimmicks or special effects, instead on honesty and candor.

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