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Michael Williams began creating short films in 2004 and since has consistently produced short films
and screened them for audiences at annual film festivals and screenings across the U.S. Williams
earned his bachelors of arts in film in 2009 from the University of Southern Mississippi and was
awarded the Top Film Student of 2009 Award. In 2007 Williams began his professional film career,
accumulating a multitude of credits ranging from assistant camera to director of photography for many
independent short and feature-length films.
After writing, directing and producing more than 20 short films, Williams broke into the featurelength
film territory with OzLand. While his desire to tell complex stories visually drew him to a career
in cinematography, as an artist and storyteller, Williams writes and directs films like OzLand in order to
share his stories with those interested in experiencing them.
Today, the filmmaker owns and operates Shendopen Productions in West Point, Mississippi.
He continues to write and direct his own independent films, produce films by other regional
filmmakers and works regionally in the industry, primarily as a 1st AC, camera operator and director of

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