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Shimon Haber is born 1957 in Newark, NJ where he completed his elementary and high school. Shimon studied at the Faculty of Philology of the group of English and world literature. He post-graduated at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in the field of new design concepts in the architecture. Anyone interested in his past projects can visit his portfolio at RISD. Since 1979 collaborates with TV Movie Author Rev Magazines and since 1996 Shimon Haber has been professionally engaged in journalism. Firstly in the local weekly Maroda News, and then to NJSSR magazine and radio Jersey. As a correspondent, he worked for Today, The Economist, Flash, Hello, Radio Free World, and has written for the British Institute for War and Peace Reporting. Currently other then writing for newspapers Shimon Haber is a novelist and movie critic. For his achievements in journalism and especially in movie criticism, Mr. Haber has received many awards.
Other than being famous for his contribution to journalism, Shimon Haber is renewed as a businessman investing mainly in start-ups. His sense of picking his future investments has brought him a well-deserved place among some of the best entrepreneurs. As a founder and current CEO of Shimon Haber LLC, he managed to rank his companies in the top start-up organizations listed on Crunchbase. Back in 2008 together with his brother, Shimon Haber opened a law firm that is devoted in providing legal advice to angel investors, seeking for instructions regarding legal matters.
When not working, Shimon Haber likes spending his time reading books and watching movies. Being a movie critic is another of his passions. He regularly publishes his film reviews on internet websites like IMDB and is an active member of the community there. Another way Haber likes spending his time is cruising around New Jersey in his automobiles. He is collector of many sports cars including the new Mercedes CLS63 AMG Stealth, Porsche 911 GT3 RS and one of the few remaining Ferrari 340/375.
Currently Shimon lives with his family in a house in Newark.


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