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‎"Breath into life
My womb will carry you through earth
Then scream for the awakening

Wait for we cannot reborn while we are asleep
Come to mother
child" |Shimrit

Shimrit is a multimedia inter-disciplinary artist from Israel. Her artistic work combines all branches of art: music, voice, dance, theatre, video, soundtrack and plastic design. She is a composer, a singer, a dance and a theatre actor-performer, a writer, a director, a choreographer and a video and sound artist and editor. She believes that the body, voice, words, materials, lights and the opportunities in video, sound and the new media all combine in the expression of the soul, of the world, of the earth and of what is mute in society.

Shimrit studied in the Depts. of Music and Theatre in the University of Haifa toward the BA degree and in the Dept. of Theatre in Tel-Aviv University toward the MFA degree.
Her work performes and outreaches to people in Israel and all over the world.

Shimrit sees her duty as an artist, as a channel of truth and healing to humanity, to mother nature.
Shimrit teaches voice, leads and directs doco drama projects and workshops of self expression through arts with distressed societies. .

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