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Shine Global is dedicated to ending the abuse and exploitation of children worldwide through the production of films and other media that raise awareness, promote action and inspire political change.

Shine Global is a 501(c)(3) non-profit film production company. All contributions to Shine are used to produce our films and are tax deductible. Net profits are returned to the children we document through local non-governmental agencies.

Since our founding in 2005, Shine Global has given voice to some of the world’s most at-risk children, shared their stories, inspired millions of viewers, and won more than 20 major film awards, including an Academy Award nomination and Best Director Documentary at Sundance.

Our first documentary, WAR DANCE, tells the stories of three children in the northern Uganda war zone who found hope and renewal in a national dance competition.

Our second documentary is set to premier in early 2011 and follows the lives of child migrant farm laborers in the United Sates who toil hours upon hours, day upon day, in the fields without the protection of child labor laws. They pick the food we all eat and they and their families are struggling to survive. Directed by U Roberto Romano, this film let them tell their own stories to the world.

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