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Hello there.

Thanks for visiting Shine's Vimeo. Take a look at our recent videos for a few samples of our work and to discover more about Shine United. To see a complete portfolio, list of services, or category expertise, please visit:

Company Overview

We are Shine United. One part ad agency, one part digital shop, one part nitrous-burning Chevy Nova with the pedal to the floor. At Shine, our thinking is bold, our ideas fresh, and our creative not for those in pursuit of the status quo.

We believe in creating client-agency relationships where creativity can flourish. We believe in our clients’ products – and to be successful, they must believe in ours. We believe in profiting from our collective talents but never at the expense of our culture, our community or our integrity.

This is how we work. This is who we are. This is what makes us different. Many share these views. Few actually live by them. They are the clients we want to work with and the people we seek to employ.

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