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Shinichiro Kawasaki was born in Toyama, Japan. After 18 years in the beautiful countryside he moved to Osaka, the second biggest city in Japan where he met young aspiring musicians who inspired him to pursue music. He moved to Los Angeles in 1999, where he started performing live and recording as a guitarist. He has worked with Lee Takasugi and Visiting Violette, steel and kit drummer Chili Charles (of Mike Oldfield fame) and his group KUFU, singer/songwriter Todd Widell, Hollywood Records artist Marie Digby, Emmy-winning composer Misha Segal, and co-founded Los Desnudos who was one of the finalists for 2007 Independent Music Awards (Jam category) with Geoff Haba on drums of Mother Tongue fame. He has also contributed music for SanDisk TV commercial, Turkey Shoot Music Festival, Japan Self-Defense Airforce, NHK Enterprise, KDDI, House Foods and Kao corporation.

His 1st self-titled solo effort was released in July 2010, showcasing his composing and producing skills in varying styles ranging from technopop ala Yellow Magic Orchestra to prog, dub, acid jazz, fusion, metal and drum ‘n’ bass. It was nominated for Independent Music Awards 2010 in Album/Eclectic category. His new live-performing outfit named “Flying Platforms” incorporates the materials from the album with a weirdly alluring dance/vocal performance by MidTone Madeleines; a duo from somewhere outside of our society and/or planet who frequently visit MidTones; SK’s then-monthly event at Grand Star Jazz Club in Chinatown. not only does the collaboration between Madeleines and SK provide the mixture of cyberpunk-infused live-tronic jam and otherworldly aesthetic, it also produced one of fan favorites from the album “Take It Back.”

Outside of his own projects, SK can be seen performing in Greater Los Angeles area from South Bay to Downtown, with names like Alanna Vicente (and These Fine Gentlemen) who performs the mixture of Jazz, Bossa Nova and '60s pop at Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica every Thursday, TV/game show theme song tribute band The Remotes/Ceramic Dalmatians (who provided background and walk-in/out music at Creative Emmy Awards in 2013 and 2014) at, and Classic/Yacht Rock extraordinaire Retrofit.

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