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    by Justin Lemmon subscribed to

    84 Videos / 56 Followers

    Focusing only on the SICKEST videos ever found on Vimeo.

  2. 2D FX Extravaganza

    by Thijs Viegers subscribed to

    565 Videos / 2,575 Followers

    A channel dedicated to bring you the best hand drawn effects animation. For submissions: Use the box below, or send a message. Everything with smooth moving 2D effects will be added. twitter:…

  3. Inspirational Animation

    by Eoin Duffy subscribed to

    611 Videos / 618 Followers

    INSPIRATIONAL ANIMATION – computer animation, motion graphics, experimental, motion design, stop motion, short films, independent films, music video, student films, TV adverts ...

  4. Cowboy With An Icecream

    by Ben subscribed to

    1,091 Videos / 667 Followers

    A distilliation of some great inspiring animations, short films, tests, adverts and promos, both old and new. Twitter @the_smoe

  5. Awesome Motion Graphics

    by Michael Rostenbach subscribed to

    511 Videos / 2,091 Followers

    Slick and amazing motion graphics!

  6. The Curious Brain

    by mpared subscribed to

    2,812 Videos / 4,159 Followers

    Hello stranger… this is Michael Paredrakos a Strategic Planner from Greece who is curious about many things and this is my vimeo channel for all the cool videos I feature at my blog http://thecuriousbrain.com/…

  7. Súper Bonito

    by Pico subscribed to

    7,165 Videos / 2,969 Followers

    Música, Animación, Motion Graphics, títulos, infografías, ilustración, postproducción, composición, vfx ........................................................... Message…

  8. Smart Motion

    by Dumbwaiter Design subscribed to

    2,377 Videos / 4,129 Followers

    Featuring some of the smartest and most creative motion graphics pieces on Vimeo. Tune in we are live!

  9. Kinetic Type Channel

    by Matthew Crescenzo subscribed to

    14 Videos / 97 Followers

    This channel is dedicated to all the Designers & Artists who have the, uniquely acquired, taste for Typography..specifically the kind that shift, bend, mold, drip, and transcend the static world. It's…


    by Vimida Das subscribed to

    1,358 Videos / 868 Followers

    A place where some of the really creative videos, especially animated ones, find a home :)

  11. 2012 CalArts Character Animation Student Films

    by CalArts Character Animation subscribed to

    78 Videos / 459 Followers

    The films in this channel are made by BFA1 through BFA4 students in the Character Animation Program at CalArts (School of Film/Video), in 2012. Each student makes his or her own film, individually.

  12. CalArts Animation

    by CalArts subscribed to

    110 Videos / 2,181 Followers

    CalArts student animations.

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