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Shoggy Tosh (born in Birmingham, United Kingdom on 9 January 1974) is a multi-award winning publisher, producer, author and television presenter mentored by Tim Omotoso. He is the founder of The Official Stars Homepage Magazine, TV & PR and also a British/Nigerian rapper.

In November 2013, Tosh wrote a debut rap song (to be released at Emujow's charity golden carpeted event in London, United Kingdom in 2014) his debut rap single, "Emujow" featuring British/Nigerian soul singer, Shady Blue and Jamaican gospel dancehall star, Dunamis Reignz. The song was written and arranged by Tosh (with the exception of a verse and the hook), produced by Pastorchild at the 709 Studios and mastered by Yemi (of Sony Music) in London. All profits made from the song goes to charity.

Back in Nigeria whilst studying at Federal University of Technology, Akure, Shoggy joined a dancing and singing group, 'Second to None' and performed in various events, university shows and the 1995 Guiness / Legend concert held at Ileoluji, Ondo state.

Shoggy was a manager at Tesco from 2004 to 2007 before resigning to establish his own magazine (TOSH Mag) and publish his debut book, Divine Favour. He left England for Nigeria at the age of 5 and returned when he was 22 to further his studies at London South Bank University.

Shoggy Tosh worked as a sales attendant at Upper Crust, London Bridge, a communication officer at Tower Hotel, then as a sales officer at Dial-a-Phone and an assistant manager at Marks & Spencer, Waterloo, before he was appointed as a manager at Tesco, Elmers End. In 2007, he resigned from his post and decided to focus on his major interests - media, journalism and writing. In 2006, he wrote the book Divine Favour.

Currently, he is the publisher of TOSH Mag, TV & PR - a top web based entertainment magazine, online TV and public relations company based in London, United Kingdom.

Tosh's TV show, tagged TOSH Mag TV Show first aired on BEN Television in 2009 and was broadcast for 18 months to viewers across Europe via BSkyB and Sky Television and Africa via MyTV. It was scripted and produced by Shoggy and Femi Best Touch, and won over eight international awards including double BEFFTAs and National Gospel Awards. Tosh also won the TV presenter of the year 2012 in the whole of Africa at the Africa Gospel Music Awards in London.

Shoggy has managed to garner quite a number of awards over the years, including two BEFFTA awards, edging out Alesha Dixon, Makosi Musambasi and former England and Arsenal F.C. football star turned TV presenter, Ian Wright.