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email: steve AT ShootByD . co

I feel most at home within the creative process, whether it’s organizing a shoot, collaborating with writers, or perfecting the final edit. I truly wanted to become a filmmaker after reading an interview in Rolling Stone w/ Martin Scorsese. It’s so clear in my mind because it hit me personally. He was talking about the moviegoer of today. He said, a couple used to come out of a movie theater enthralled, talking about the plot and the questions it brought up. Nowadays, all they talk about is where to go eat afterwards.

I decided, from then on to direct my creative energy once used to conjure up comic book characters, family-casted plays, tape recorder radio shows, surreal photographs, and improvised bedtime stories into one: a filmmaking career. I wanted to challenge that notion that cinema had become emotionally lifeless.

Currently, I produce, shoot and cut rad videos for TechCrunch TV. I used to freelance all over NYC as an Editor (Edit Bay or in the Field), MoGFX Designer, & Video Tech. I served as the East Coast Editor for Film Slate Magazine during it's initial run.

I live in Montclair, NJ. I'm an avid collector of vinyl records, thoroughly root for Cleveland sports teams, enjoy a good Pale Ale or Porter from Great Lakes, Brooklyn Brewery, Dog Fish Head, and Stone Brewing Co., and paint or draw in my spare time.

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