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Jay B. Johnson
Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Videographer

Jay has worked professionally behind the camera for over 20 years starting with film school at Ohio University.

His indie feature film "Will Work For Food" won First Place at the Los Angeles DV Film Festival and was feature in DV Magazine.

Jay’s controversial short film "The Handyman" inspired by the true story of Cleveland serial killer Anthony Sowell screened at the Ohio Independent Film Festival and The Short and Sweet film festival and landed him an interview on Chanel 19 news.

Cinematography credits include the independent feature “Dreaming on Christmas," a TV pilot for a sci-fi show called "Who Am I?" and several documentaries that aired on Discovery Channel and HBO and screened at nationally recognized film festivals. He has also worked as a videographer for many television networks like: PBS, MTV, MSNBC, SPIKE-TV, Big Ten Network and Discovery Channel - Canada.

As Creative Director at OSV Studios and as an independent, Jay has won awards for shooting commercials and industrials for companies like Invacare, Pennzoil, The Child Safety Network, Sterling Trucks, Western Star Trucks, Roadway, Pepsi, APW, Intel and Abrams Books.

He is also part-time instructor for Advanced Cinematography at Cuyahoga Community College and has been an Artist-in-Residence at the Cleveland School of the Arts.

Cameras include but are not limited to:

Red Epic
Canon: C300, C100 and DSLRs (with external recording option)
Black Magic
Sony: F3 and XDCam series
Panasonic: HPX and HVX series, Lumix and VariCam

Corporate/commercial vimeo site.


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