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Short & Sweet’s core vision is to educate, inspire and empower through the medium of short film by continuously reinventing the cinema experience.

Each of our screenings is carefully curated to take people on a journey: creatively, personally, emotionally.

Short & Sweet was founded in London by Julia Stephenson. On Monday, 8 May 2006, her vision became a reality and London’s only weekly short film evening was born. For the next five and a half years a different selection of the finest short films, music videos and short animations from around the globe were screened every week to a packed audience. Through it’s proven formula, Short & Sweet actively works to spread the power of short film with hubs already in Toronto, Amsterdam, Edinburgh and South Africa.

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  1. Short&Sweet Cape Town is very excited to screen 'All your Favourite Shows' at the launch of our new weekly winter series in South Africa tonight !!!! Wish you could be there in person Danny & Jim and Ornana Team - will send pics to you tomorrow xxx