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The coolest weekly platform for filmmakers and movie lovers. Every Tuesday | 20:00 | de Kring | Open and Free Entrance

Shortcutz Amsterdam mission is to give spotlight to Dutch's professional and beginner filmmakers alike, promoting their works in the Netherlands and across the world through the vast Shortcutz Network.
After Berlin, Lisbon, London and Oporto, Shortcutz finally arrived to Amsterdam! Each week, two films compete to become the "short film of the month" and a third guest short film is also screened. The directors or producers will always be there to talk about their film and answer questions from the audience.

Shortcutz’ Amsterdam ambassador is Tygo Gernandt and the jury team is composed by relevant people from all kinds of backgrounds: Tygo Gernandt (Actor), Hanna Verboom (Actress), Rene Wolf (EYE), George Sluizer (Director, producer and screenwriter), Vincent van Ommen (Actor), Laser 3.14 (Street Artist), Alexander Tempel (Artists not Armies), Marko van Kampen (EU1), Jeroen Koolbergen (Cadenza Films), Harmen Jalvingh (Bonanza Films), Jans Possel (Mediamatic Foundation).

Any filmmaker can send films, as long as they are:
- less than 12 months to the date of submission,
- less than 15 minutes in length,
- related with the Netherlands (crew OR cast OR story)
Just email the weblink to your film (for your consideration only) to: - No submission fee

Q&A in English - Movies: english or dutch, subtitles in English

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