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With his incredible skillz and his charming way DJ Shorty managed to play himself into the hearts of the party-crowd
within a flash of time. His swift fingers, his choice of music and his matchless presence make him to what he is: one
of Germany´s hottest club DJs at the time!
All began as ever so often:
It was a New Years eve and a desperate club manager was still looking for a DJ. Already at that time there was no
way around the born Italian. Shorty bestowed the guests an unforgettable start into the New Year and was, from that
point on, resident of the club.
Bookings all across the federal state of NRW followed and Shorty hooked up with Crack-T and Maze. Henceforth
Shorty and Maze decided to join forces and founded the Bounce Squad! It did not take long for these two newcomers
to conquer the whole of Germany. From Hamburg to Munich, when Shorty is on the line-up, the people know what
time it is!
This fact did not remain unnoticed by DJ Sake and DJ Cosmic. The two ..Big Players.. from Belgium invited Shorty to
present his mastery at the Hot Sunday Night at the club Mondial, which he did with his by now infamous excellence.
In 2008 Shorty holds residencies in some of Germany´s most famous Clubs such as Nachtflug in Cologne or the 3001
in Düsseldorf.

Booking contact:

c/o happy Monday Entertainment GmbH
Niederrheinstraße 116
40474 Düsseldorf


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