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America: from the ground up! is a multi-platform project that investigates American history through archaeology. At the core of the project is a four-part documentary series entitled America: From the Ground Up, hosted by Dr. Monty Dobson, an American archaeologist trained at the University of York. The project also includes an interactive website on which excerpts from the series will be made available as streaming video. The website will also have a teacher’s resource section which will adapt each of the series episodes into lesson plans designed for use with social studies curriculum in schools. Each sixty-minute show explores archaeological sites and uses clues from the past to tell an alternative history of America. Whether exploring the mystery of the disappearance of the massive Native American city of Cahokia, diving below the Great Lakes for clues to Revolutionary War naval battles, or digging into Civil War trenches to discover how the national conflagration differed in the frontier states from the eastern theater, the program brings to life important historical moments for a broad audience.

The series is produced by ShovelReady Productions and Drury University and all donations are tax deductible. To donate please contact the Drury University Alumni and Development office:

Darla Harmon,
Office of Alumni and Development,
Drury University
Office: (417) 873-7217

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