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  1. Locale

    3 videos

    Locale features the stories of Press, Fusian, and Homage. Produced by Showdown Visual www.showdownvisual.com

  2. Caresource Portfolio

    4 videos

    These videos are examples of how Showdown tells the story of various corporations and causes. They also showcase various visual storytelling approaches.

  3. Evenflo Proposal

    3 videos

    This portfolio of videos showcases Showdown Visual's capabilities

  4. Merge

    2 videos

  5. Escape

    1 video

  6. Demo Reels

    4 videos

    A collection of Showdown Visual's yearly demo reels

  7. TV Spots

    5 videos

    Included here are various TV spots that Showdown Visual has created.

  8. Short Films

    5 videos

    These are various short films that Showdown Visual has produced.

  9. Promotional

    11 videos

    A showcase of various promotion films that Showdown Visual has created.

  10. Higher Education

    13 videos

    A showcase of Showdown Visual's films created for higher education

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