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Ever wondered what Bollywood videos would be like if there was no music and everything was just natural? Wonder no more. This is a side project started by Bhavesh Chauhan and Bhaveek Makan. They are filmmakers who are part of a group called "Rendering Glint Films" ( where they write, direct, shoot and edit everything along with their team (consists of Jashan Makan, Naanak Sodhi and many other friends who help on set). They are also part of a band known as "RGM " ( ) where they create pop music while blending other sounds as well. "Shredding Bollywood" started as a way to pass time during the summer during their filming breaks. It was also fun to make and making people laugh is huge bonus. This project sees no end, and many videos are on the way ranging from classic Bollywood songs, new Bollywood songs....and Govinda. Cus this is what these videos would actually look without the glamour.

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