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Shrinkfish® is a newly incorporated Media Studios in Abuja, Nigeria with a special focus on animation and dynamic content as related to Entertainment, Corporate Identity, Branding, Advertisement solutions, Flash content, Internet and Multimedia presentations. It is our utmost intention to make a change in the animation and media industry in Africa starting from Nigeria.

Apart from producing own content in 2D Animation, we offer Services in both 2D as well as 3D Animation under the supervision and management of a top African and European team whose experiences in film, television, Internet and print media go back to over 15 years,

Our clients receive personalized services, tailored around their individual budgets while still maintaining the highly aesthetic, non-competitive quality for which our artists, animators and designers are known.

Our Animation production covers the areas of Features and Shorts, Animated Music Videos, Advertisements, Documentaries, Training Films and Presentations, not leaving out Personalized Packages.

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