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Specialized in Wedding, Pre-Wedding, Couple Shoots, Wedding Films, Graphics and Web Designing.
"Capturing moments, creating an art"
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SHUTTERCLICK is started by Sammee Chougule who has worked for multinational IT companies as a Server Engineer to name a few AHMSI, Convergys, Allscripts and Microsoft.
Every wedding is more than an event; it is a story that happens in a series of moments. Bride getting ready, groom straightening his tie, a father giving his daughter away, a smile, a kiss, a dance. Moments of joy and love are what a wedding is all about, and are the things you will remember when you look back on this day in the years to come. Our photographs bring a storyteller’s eye and a delight in moments of joy to wedding photography.

Our Photographers capture not only what the day looked like, but also what the day felt like.

Portraits, capturing the real emotions with true expressions, our professional services will meet your individual, family, group, child, business, organization or modeling portrait needs.

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