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SHUTTER SPEED Productions makes your videos more exciting and memorable.

With a pool of fresh and creative minds, we incorporate different disciplines of media to make artistic and innovative audio-visual presentations tailored-fit for your needs.

AVP Productions
We provide clients with complete video production services. Starting with conceptualization, scriptwriting, storyboarding, shooting and videography, to video editing and graphic design, we ensure quality yet affordable presentations.

Video Coverage
Using the latest video equipment, our team of videographers has diverse experience in covering various events from concerts, parties, weddings, to corporate and even sporting events.

Photography and Graphic Design
Specializing in photography for event requirements, we make corporate and themed environments, parties, concerts and various events more thrilling by incorporating photography and graphic design into your setting and visual presentations.

List of clients:
Procter & Gamble
Anthilla Land Corporation
Diamond Auto Group (Mitsubishi &Chevrolet)
San Miguel Corporation (Antonov Vodka Group)
Good Fellow Pharmacy
Global Change Livelihood Inc.
Dept. of Budget & Mgmt.
Court of Tax Appeals
KXP group of restaurants (Hot off the Griddle)
Burger King
Galeo Equipment & Mining Company Inc.
Santino Metals Inc.
FAS Development Corporation
Philippine Assoc. of Food Technologist
Maritime Professionals Training Center
Global News Network
Solar Network TV

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