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Rick Garside has been an independent filmmaker for over twenty years, and every film he has produced has won numerous awards. He is a member of the Producer’s Guild of America, served six years as president of an international producer/distribution organization, and served on the steering committee of Premise - a writer’s group of Hollywood professionals.

Some of his films include “Faith Happens”, (winner of the ‘Best Film’ Award at the International Life Film Festival held at the Los Angeles Convention Center) “Hoomania”, (named ‘Best Children’s Film in the ICVM Crown Awards) “Thin Ice” (The only film of 32 reviewed by Group Magazine to receive 5 out of 5 stars), “On The Edge” (winner of the ‘Best Youth Film’ in the Crown Awards) and the “Jump Start” series. (a best-selling youth curriculum sold to over ten thousand organizations.)

Recently, Rick has just finished producing two feature films shot on location in Virginia – “Texas Rein’, a drama featuring the world of horse reining champions, and “Kicked by Grace”, a motion picture based on the life of a police officer whom was paralyzed in the line of duty.

Rick is no stranger to international productions, either. He has filmed both documentaries and feature films all over the world – including Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Indonesia, England, Australia, Peru, Sri Lanka and countless other places. Rick has always loved a challenge, and he is comfortable working all over the world.

For example, Rick co-produced “Pat Boone: Hollywood Pilgrim” for the BBC, was the aerial unit UPM for the Academy-Award nominated IMAX film; “Amazon”, and production managed the “Newtons’s Workshop” video series for Moody Press, “Present Time” video series for Zondervan, and “Jacob’s Gift” for PAX TV.

Rick has line produced multiple award-winning feature films for World Wide Pictures – “A Vow To Cherish”, “Something To Sing About” and “Road To Redemption” and directed the 2nd unit stunt & helicopter sequences in their film “The Climb.” There are many other productions he has been involved with, and visual media is the love of his life. (Aside from his family.)

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