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The Sides of The Boss project was born sometime before Hugo B left Australia. A country where he lived some incredible experiences and where he had an idea that would later, alter the course of his life: to tour Latin America and to survive the different sides of his personality, or rather, see if it survived him.

On returning to Brazil, he had already decided on touring the multicultural continent. Organizing everything, he put on his backpack and hit on the road. Ahead were three intense months of exploring Chile, travelling over beautiful Argentina, one more month crossing Bolivia and finally, Hugo reached historical Peru, where he formulated his project under the attentive eye of the Inca ruins. Now he only had to return to Brazil and turn his paperwork of words and melodies into reality.

Once on Brazilian ground, Sides of The Boss stopped being an impalpable project and began to take shape.

The band was formed with musicians from different musical directions, but with one common purpose in mind. To create a balanced music style made up of meaningful words, harmonies and their different playing experiences.

After a year of experimenting, adjusting and composing, Sides of The Boss is still here in 2012 and more real than ever.

Their song “I’m Here” plays testimony to their being.

“I’m Here” has a raw live sounding ambience to the recorded production, that is both groovy and funky, with drummer Jean carefully carrying the slip and slide beat together with Diego on bass. Lucas intervenes with some Santana-like organ interludes, while Hugo funkily strums his guitar rhythm-riffs across the entire arrangement. The vocals flow comfortably with a pleasant, unpretentious melody line, providing a cool easy-listening pop track.

Sides Of The Boss are a relatively young band and it’s early days yet for making any predictions, while they are hard at work on their upcoming album. They have a fresh sound and simple musical approach without abusing the electronics.

In creating their sound, the band seem to rely more on their individual playing instincts, rather than technology, when spicing up the music.

by Rick Jamm

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