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I am a nature lover from as far back as I can remember. Born Oct. 22nd 1981 to a mother that gave me and my two month old sister up to my sisters great grandmother I have had to find motherly rolls in both my sisters Great Grandmother as well as in Mother Nature.

Out of high school I started taking photos of just about everything and fell in love with photography. I moved to Salt Lake City from Bountiful a year later and lived in the Sugar House area. I used to take my photos to a local coffee shop in Sugar House and work on them with my laptop while enjoying a nice Chi tea and had many people come in that would see my work and ask if they could purchase some. In an "artsi-farsti" place like Sugar House I had many many regulars come in and would tell people about my work after they left the coffee house so I started bringing printed, matted and sleeved 8x10's of the more popular shots with me just to have ready if people asked. Eventually I was selling framed work on consignment out of the shop on the walls and sold about twenty or more 8x10's for fifteen to thirty dollars each and made a very nice living out of doing what I loved.

Some of my best work and favorite shots are close up or macro photography of of course, wildlife and nature.

I did one show of my work out of the coffee shop and would like to do more again, it was a fun experience. I also worked as a Herpetologist and Aquarist for living planet aquarium before it went public. Working with Living Planet Aquarium I had many opportunities to take care of, own and shoot some great animals. On some collection and/or scientific study trips I was able to see some wildlife up close that I would normally not get a chance to see and took my camera everywhere and further expanded my portfolio as I traveled all over teaching elementaries about wildlife, conservation and did a rainforest wildlife program for assemblies. Good times.

I would take all my printing to Inkleys in Bountiful where I would have April Leavitt who worked in the lab there do almost all the printing I needed done. Eventually we saw each other so much and were both interested in each other that we started dating. Our first date we went out shooting in Little and Big Cottonwood canyons. Her father, Clair Levitt, was a regular judge of the photography exhibit at the Davis County Fair. Also the rest of her family also being in photography it all just clicked. We had a photography themed wedding on February 17th, 2005 and have been shooting together ever since.

Recently I have been shooting at the Utah Jazz games. Taking photos of fans during the games as well as the exclusive photographer for special events such as a special screening on Avatar in 3D with Millsap, Brewer and Price. As well as the Dinner With Kyle Korver contest where it was one on one with Kyle Korver and portraits with him and 25 lucky contest winners.

Recently getting into Video after getting his hands on a Canon 5D Mark II I have dove head first into it and love it and am rapidly improving in the video side of my work. I have shot a few music videos, some product placement video, concerts for bands such as 311, The Offspring, Pepper, Anberlin, Civil Twilight, Crash Kings, OK Go, Brogen Kelby, Middle Class Rut, Innerpartysystem, Daniel Day Trio and The Suicycles and a few other random videos here and there.

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