Sidney Manuel

Florida, Louisiana, California

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Joie de Vivre Pictures

"Give them pleasure - the same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare."
- Alfred Hitchcock

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  • Photography Blog - Another source for my work including some really Amateur Photography.
  • My Criterion Collection - Check out my personal Criterion Collection and a list of my Top Ten Criterion Blu-ray Films
  • IMDb Page - You can find all cast and crew information for my films here.


  1. Kirko Beeo
  2. Kevin B. Lee
  3. The Madame
  4. Ryan Koo
  5. EJ Holmes
  6. Alexander Yan
  7. John Nguyen
  8. Schöne Seele
  9. WBP Films
  10. David Lowery
  11. Vaunt
  12. Rob Chiu
  14. Eliot Rausch
  15. david Ehrlich
  16. Rgrain
  17. Pavel Pavlov
  18. Kristof Brandl

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