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  1. 'Film-Look'

    by Javed Ahmed

    379 Videos / 3,747 Followers

    A collection of video works by users aiming for that 'film-look'.

  2. A shortfilm selection on Vimeo

    by Emmanuel Tenenbaum

    183 Videos / 1,196 Followers

    I unfortunately miss time to update this channel regularly. Help is welcome!

  3. Best 5D Mark III Videos

    by phushyn

    92 Videos / 1,466 Followers

    This channel is dedicated to some of the Finest 5D Mark III video's posted on Vimeo.

  4. Canon DSLR RAW Video Tests

    by Alexander Fox

    8 Videos / 53 Followers

    A compilation of test footage showcasing RAW video shot on the Canon 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III and 6D with the Magic Lantern patch.

  5. Canon RAW Channel

    by Rodrigo Machado

    82 Videos / 449 Followers

    This channel is only for high quality videos created by people using magic lantern RAW mode.

  6. Cinematic

    by Dean Yurke

    42 Videos / 2,975 Followers

    Videos that embrace the power of cinema. If you want to make sure I see your video suggestions, post them on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/StayBuried And please give it a LIKE

  7. Cinematography

    by Eric Ulbrich

    301 Videos / 4,569 Followers

    Displaying only the Finest Works of Cinematography from around the world on vimeo. Including Demo Reels, Music Videos, Commercials, Short Films, Features, Video Art and simply stunning images. Guidlines: If…

  8. Cinematography

    by Lights & Shadows

    273 Videos / 159 Followers

  9. Cinematography

    by Alexander Roberts

    22 Videos / 10 Followers

  10. Cinematography

    by JOBO Visual

    387 Videos / 42 Followers

    Utter Beauty

  11. Cinematography

    by Dereck Hoekstra

    26 Videos / 11 Followers

  12. Compel

    by Jesse Brass

    40 Videos / 14 Followers

    Outstanding stories.

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