Silver Belen

Quezon City, Manila, Philippines

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You can tell a story or you can tell great story—this is what exactly inspired Silver Belen, a budding visual storyteller based in Quezon City, to try his hand in the world of videography, music and film.

Unlike the emerging names in the industry,Silver has made the visual experience, a way of life. His portfolio/works thread from motion editorials of fashion shoots,music videos to documentaries, dotting Silver as a surefire complete package—a writer, producer, sound designer, music producer, editor and director, rolled into one.

His first venture as a co-owner of Elitefuse Media Company produced the narrative short film, ‘Kanluran’ (The Dusk). This humble project whom Silver produced, wrote, edited, sound designed, produced original music and directed proved to be a juggernaut in terms of festivals it vied for.

Now Silver sets his eyes straight on his first feature length film this year with a working title "Banda Onse" (Band 11). With sheer determination and unparalleled passion for the arts, one thing is sure for this nascent talent—to shoot, edit and direct to tell a great story.

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