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Simmer Style was founded on Maui in 1981 by wave sailing pioneers, Malte and Klaus Simmer. Today Simmer consists of a tight-knit crew of dedicated windsurfers spread out worldwide. Our dynamic team includes some of todays most radical sailors and brightest personalities that together forms the foundation that keeps the Simmer Style legacy alive, by designing and evolving the best windsurfing gear in the world for you to enjoy and progress with.

We don't stop asking ourselves: ”how can we improve on this and how can we make that work even better?” Our quest for the ultimate in high performance is never ending. No matter if it’s 1981 when Simmer was a local Maui brand with Malte himself producing sails in a tiny shack on the islands North Shore, or it’s 2013 and we’re represented all over the world, our goal has always been to make the best performing windsurfing gear in the world.

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