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David L. Simmons has lived along the central Gulf coast virtually his entire life. He received his first oil painting set when he was five years old, and his father built him a drawing table for his 8th birthday. So his life's avocation was set at a very early age. The Gulf Coast has definitely influenced his work, along with influences from college professors and many other artists.

Following earning a BFA in college, Simmons has enjoyed being a professional artist for nearly four decades, placing artwork of many mediums in countless homes, businesses, galleries and museums here and abroad, and garnering over 250 awards. Working in many mediums over the years, he has been known as a master printer for his complex serigraphy and as an innovator in developing Mixogpyphs, a name he gave his unique mixed-media creations in cast-paper, acrylic paint, colored-pencil, and lacquer. He has also works in painting, printmaking, bookbinding, constructions, and sculpture.

Simmons continues to enjoy sharing his unique vision of the world through new works. More at simmonsfineart.com and artstreamlive.com.

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