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I consider myself as one of the new breed of Filmmakers/Cinematographers, the one stop shop that todays digital film world allows me to be.

My interests lie in many directions and I find new inspiration all the time, through meeting people, finding locations and watching amazing work. I have a passion for documentary film and expose myself to as much as I can as often as I can. I’m currently taking this passion further with my own documentary work. I also create Art and experimental film for Theatre and Dance as well as my own work in this field. In 2012 I made a short film called ‘The High Mountain’ for the Aesthetica short film festival which was officially selected.

The constant stream of new innovations being developed for the digital film industry keeps me on my toes with new techniques and equipment to help tell a story more interestingly. Although there is no substitute for just good simple filming and story telling.

I’ve recently been inspired to explore the world of Astral Timelapse, this new inspiration came from the amazing Tom Lowe and his film Timescapes.

Timelapse is such an amazing way to look at the world and often makes the ordinary look extraordinary. This is also true with Slow motion film, I’ve worked with the Photron Cameras that can shoot up to 4000fps which just give phenomenal results at 4k.

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