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to be blunt, I'm all over the map. I am a product of the psychedelic 60s and early 70s in Australia, then took my own trip from the 80s on, edgedweller would be the simplest redux, my mission: to make the world a better place one person at a time if they ask or that just by being me, open someone's eyes to an alternative that brings global benefit instead of self interest and immediate gratification.


  1. Void
  2. The Future Laboratory
  3. Cristóbal Vila
  4. Singularity University
  5. Let's Kick ASS
  6. Larry Kennar
  7. Jamie Kastner
  8. World Science Festival
  9. Stuart Platt
  10. Focus Forward Films
  11. FilmBuff
  12. Sam Venning
  13. droo
  14. Broocee Oz
  15. Daddypaul
  16. Mr Friendly
  17. The Comedy Store

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  1. I'm positive there are others who see this and think that you've taken a walk through our mindscapes, or more precisely, have given expression to something from within that we share in common, thankyou