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A native of Leeds England, Simon Widdowson moved to Minneapolis in the late 80's and after a stint with the local blues band Killing Floor he formed the Rainjackets, a trio who smart combination of rock and catchy pop was captured on the self-released cassette Inside Out which received local radio airplay and led to gigs opening for such name artists as Peter Case, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Deacon Blue, Subdudes and Dave Mason.

In the early 90's he recorded the album Spearfish and then left Minneapolis and settled in Santa Fe New Mexico, before embarking on a period of extensive touring across the US, performing over 200 concerts a year for 5 years. in 1994 he recorded the popular solo acoustic album Looking for Delilah.

After spending 7 years in Santa Fe and recording two more albums; the 1996 release Going Home Undressed and the 1998 release Weather Vane he relocated to Portland Oregon in 2000 and created the Are You Listening? Recording Studio and Artist Collective where he recorded and produced albums for many up and coming groups including Decemberists, Pete Krebs, Hindi Guns, Little Sue and Papillon. In 2002 he recorded a new album titled Sweeper and then in 2004 he began work on a new album before closing Are You Listening? and returning to New Mexico. The album Frame was completed in 2005 and then Widdowson left the US after 18 years living there and settled in Cork Ireland where he built another recording studio and began producing local bands such as Arm the Elderly, Red Herrings, Secret Police and the Driven.

In 2007 Simon moved to France and worked as a producer and recording engineer for French artists Karimouche and Zen Zila before recording the album Loss of Innocence in 2010. In 2011 Widdowson returned to England and played solo acoustic gigs around the North of England for about a year before returning to France to record the 5 song ep Simon Widdowson and Bellecour for French label Fakir Music.

In 2013 Widdowson recorded a new album "Looking for the Sun", built a new recording studio in La Drome region of France and recorded and produced the new album for French Jazz/Rock group Novox and is currently working in the studio and also performing as an acoustic duo and trio with Koko Harp on harmonica and Thomas Boulenger on Double Bass

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