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  1. mar canet

    mar canet Linz, Austria


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    I am artist, researcher who like to write software exploring news ways of playfulness and expression, inspired in digital age. I am working in computer games, data visualization and new media art installations. I am a co-founder of the art collective Derivart, working in the intersection between finance,…

  2. M_Rec Ltd

    M_Rec Ltd Milan (Italy)


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    M_Rec’s concept is simple and pure…the objective is to let people hear the sound of techno in all its shades through the work of international artist with historical experience in techno, all this without forgetting the origins and never like now has it been so important to get back to the…

  3. Unbroken Booking

    Unbroken Booking Plus Berlin


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    Unbroken Booking - Berlin Artists: Fabrizio Lapiana Freddy K Héctor Oaks I/Y Leiras Mary Velo Max_M PVS Samuli Kemppi Somewhen

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