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“Hellas Hell” is our first undertaking as Sinergy Project, producers of multimedia audiovisual content. We believe in the necessity of realizing rigorous, responsible and quality journalism. We want to tell those stories that, be it for political or economic interests, large communication media and presses prefer to ignore. Our intuition tells us that there is an informed and critical public out there that desires to investigate reality and wants to be able to access in-depth, elaborated reports. Committed to the search for new ways to produce and share information, we decided to move forward with this proposal. We are Romina, Antonio and Gabriel, and we are Sinergy Project.
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Sinergy Project es una productora de contenidos multimedia audiovisuales. Creemos en la necesidad de realizar un periodismo riguroso, responsable y de calidad. Queremos contar aquellas historias que, ya sea por intereses políticos o económicos, los grandes medios de comunicación prefieren ignorar. Intuimos que hay un público crítico deseoso de indagar en la realidad y de poder acceder a reportajes elaborados y realizados en profundidad. Comprometidos en la búsqueda de nuevos caminos para producir y compartir información, decidimos sacar adelante esta propuesta.
Romina Peñate, Antonio Rull y Gabriel Pecot somos Sinergy Project.
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