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Scott Indermaur has been sharing stories for two decades through the visual language of photography. His assignments have taken him from the smallest rural communities to the world's most urban environments. His gift lies in discovering the familiar in the exotic and the remarkable in the ordinary. Whether he's capturing a fleeting moment in history or cutting to the essence of a portrait, Scott tells the story in a language everyone understands.

Returning to his photojournalism roots, Scott is very involved in creating multi-media stories for himself and clients. He is enjoying this return to roots and new-found side of journalism as it is yet another aspect of photography with a new level by which he can connect with his clients through photography and audio.

Scott has a unique gift in being able to truly connect with his subjects, putting them at ease even under the most high pressure of circumstances; whether it is for multi-media stories, annual reports, advertising, editorial or corporate photography. His easy-going nature puts people to ease and make him a great person to work with. Scott travels nationally and internationally for assignments. He is located in Rhode Island New England.

Scott enjoys spending time with family and friends, sailing, dining out at ethnic hole in the wall restaurants, cooking, wine, connecting with new people, rock climbing, traveling, music, and working on inner and spiritual growth.

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