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On June 11, 2004 SixEleven Productions was founded with the desire to provide a new outlook on filmmaking in the snowboard industry. For all of us at SixEleven, snowboarding is not only a hobby but it is also a way of life. Through the production of our films we want to show our love for snowboarding as well as the fun, passion, and comradary that exists within the sport.

SixEleven has a reputation as being a driving force in Colorado snowboarding. With films like “Far From Finished”, “Football! and “This Is Serious” we have proven we can produce a high quality, marketable, and entertaining film. The new film, “Stop…Hammertime!” will be the fourth full-length snowboard film produced, filmed, edited, promoted, and distributed by SixEleven. With new additions to the crew, we plan on delivering the same fun and entertainment that people have come to expect from a SixEleven film, while tailoring it for a much broader spectrum of people.

In past videos, our limited budget has only allowed us to film in Colorado and surrounding areas. This year we hope to go far beyond the normal realms of what we have done in the past, from a circuit of premiers in other states to international viral edits released regularly, as well as distribution both online and in snowboard shops across the country. In other words, we are setting the bar much higher for this next season.

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