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Six Stair is the production comapny of Coan Buddy Nichols and Rick Charnoski. We met in New York in 1998 through skateboarding and realized that we shared an interest in super 8 film. Soon we combined the two and made our first film about skating in empty swimming pools called Fruit Of The Vine. Through that film we learned how to shoot, edit, get music from our friends and put it all together to tell a story.
Eventually we started to get offers to make more skate films, then commercials, fashion films, music videos, movies and documentaries. We still use super 8 film in some our work and we have added HD video, 16mm film and anything else that captures an image.
This is a small sample of our work from the past 16 years.
Thanks for watching,
Coan Buddy Nichols/ Rick Charnoski

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