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Six String Studio Ltd.

We are holding a production company
within Six String Studio and we have long experience
within sound & image, music, video & dvd, film & tv-production.

Six String Studio was started at 1992 and had a big recording studio between 1992 to 1998 in Stockholm with focus on music productions e.g., mastering/mixing, sound additional, cd releases and much more.

In our Production company we have contingency to
do most things within video & dvd, film & tv-production,
documentaries & company films. We have our own
equipment and have our premises at Gullmarsplan in
Stockholm, Sweden.

In the last years we have produced (and also co-produced
with Six String Studio Ltd) a music dvd, documentaries
and information films and several dvd-films, both on
assignment and own produced.

We also do commission work with live tv-production
for different tv-channels like Canal +, TV4, Kanal 5,
Kanal 9, Prisma and Kanal 75.

We are qualified among other things with: image
engineering, sound, graphics, technician, editor,
tv-photographer and photo.

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