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After her studies of Art and Communication-Design (Audiovisual Medias) in the Netherlands and Germany Stefanie Sixt founded her label sixt sense in 2000 in Cologne, further in Berlin, Philadelphia, actually Augsburg.
She has produced numerous experimental short films, music videos, conceptual visual arts, audiovisual live (dance) performances and video installations.
Since 2010 she has been teaching at different universities of applied sciences.
In her art she is reflecting inner processes about the relation of human and nature, physical restriction and its resolution. Sixts form of expression is progressively abstract and reduced.
She won several awards and distinctions, her work was shown on festivals e.g. in Berlin (GER), Dresden (GER), Osnarbrueck (GER), Stockholm (SW), Harare (ZW), Madeira (PT) and internationally exhibited at galleries and in museums.

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