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Sjors Vervoort is a dutch based artist, working in various creative fields. He studied multimedia before enrolling in an animation course at the st. Joost Art Academy. In 2009 he graduated with his successful animated short "Cardboard, a Cardboard animation!". Which has been screened at many festivals and gallery's around the world, including Time Square New York.

Sjors Vervoort is inspired by street-art, a returning theme in his work. Focussing on character design, he aims to make his characters part of that realm. Most of his work is quite hands-on, working with materials like cardboard, paint, graffiti, tape and paper. You can still find some of his work in the streets.

By using creative techniques his work borders between animation and experimental video art. Sjors Vervoort uses the technique of stop motion, to create visual illusions, that might or might not have happened.

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