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SjQ++ is an audio-visual project formed in Kyoto,Japan in 2012 by Yuta Uozumi (piano/computer), Tadashi Yonago, (trombone/computer),Isao Nakagaito(guitar), Shuhei Otani(bass), Wataru Asada(Drums) and Ryo Kanda (visual/computer).

Originally, They started an improvisational music project named "SjQ" in 2001. In the next year, their first piece "meme?" was released from cubicmusic Japan.

They compose their music using multi-agent system in real-time. Multi-agent system is a bottom-up method utilized in the field of computer simulation. The agents(players) create the patterns through their interactions based on the simple rule.

From 2012, the audio-visual project named "SjQ++" has been started by participation of a visual artist (Ryo Kanda a.k.a. Kezzardrix).