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I am what I am. Someone who's been through enough to know I have much more to go through in order to get to MY DESTINATION. If you know me, and know my background you know I am a fighter... A God fearing woman with the passion of an orchestra. My career has taken me places some only dream of; It's also taken me thru uncertainty, heartbreaks, and unannounced changes. See there are sides to this business that are rarely shown due to the bright lights and beautiful ballads often used to keep us blinded from the truth. The truth is there isn't much TRUTH unless you make one. You have to find out who you are. No record label, A&R, or producer can reveal this. This is something YOU must find. This is why it boggles my mind when we use the term ARTIST DEVELOPMENT. I believe you cannot develop what already exists, and if what exists inside you does not coincide with who the world thinks you should be you get a super sonic clash! So when your pendulum snaps and things look bleak just know that beyond the bright star there's a GOD! So as I continue to find my way I only ask that he be my artist developer, and that he leads me in the direction of success far beyond where any being on the planet can take me... The person is still the same; With a slight bit of BRAND NEW mixed in. The name however has changed. Meet SUMMER J.A.E. for those wondering where the J.A.E. came from it stands for Summer Johnson an Evolver. It's kind of like when Malcolm X found himself during his prison sentence, and became X; Or when the great Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali. It's a move of liberation. So in closing I leave you with something more powerful than a biography filled with accolades. I GIVE YOU ME! SUMMER JAE

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