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The Arts are an integral part of the philosophy and culture of the San Juan District. Our School Board and Administration fully support a comprehensive Arts curriculum within a balanced and rigorous course of study.

The core intention of Arts education in San Juan is to teach all students the essential elements of the visual and performing arts through standards-based classroom instruction, guided practice, and performance. Students learn by example and are encouraged and inspired to develop their imaginations and conceptual thought processes, and to continue learning through communication, discovery, and invention. The Arts also teach concentration, discipline, attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence. The desired outcome is a knowledgeable and creative individual who understands and can communicate their craft, with a skill set that includes creative and divergent thinking, design, productive collaboration and teamwork, agility for adaptation and change, and a zeal for learning - in short, an artfully educated and dynamic 21st century learner, appreciator, and producer who values and enjoys the benefits of a fully comprehensive Arts education.

The Arts are uniquely poised to teach our students the skills and behaviors called out by our District's Strategic Plan: The Arts value diversity, teach 21st century learning skills such as conceptualization, curiosity, imagination, and synthesis, develop personalized education plans through interaction and assessment, inspire and engage students, innovate through creativity and imaginative thought, focus on students' talents, and promote collaborative learning.

Teach creatively, cultivate curiosity, and inspire imagination in your students everyday.

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