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I work well in translating emotion, message, and tone through music. My main resource is my extensive mental and practical musical library. I can work with anybody, any time, and anywhere. Commitment is very important for me and I take great responsibility when it comes to fulfilling my duties as a creative person. I have the desire to work with musicians that have a sense of urgency and a never-ending desire to share a message.

My background includes studio and live recording, songwriting and composition, producing and mixing, as well as session playing. I specialize in writing Pop, Rock, R&B, and Blues music. My primary instrument is guitar, which I have a very diverse body of work to show for. Though I am not limited to just a single instrument, I possess a special understanding in how to compose and blend instrumentation from a full-scale orchestration to a blues-rock trio.

I’ve extended my creative talents to areas other than music such as graphic design, video editing and post-production for film and TV. With graphic design and video I’ve worked to create my own style and identity; similar to the way a singer or guitar player would phrase a note.

I look forward to developing new artists whether it be on camera, on canvas, or through a microphone.

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