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Founded by Tim Yuen and Mat de Koning after their contribution to the Crimea Skate Plaza, Skate Sculpture is a business that advocates for public skatable art, community consultation and custom design.

Our first project was a social experiment that asks ‘can skateboarders co-exist with the public in open spaces’?

Unsatisfied with the generic skate facilities that segregate skaters from public spaces, we explored a way of bringing skateboarding into the public realm by consolidating public art and recreational activity. We built a series of wooden objects, painted them primary colours, and placed them in underutilized public settings where we conducted guerrilla film shoots for the documentary SHARE PATH SKATE PATH. This project engaged a huge cross section of the community from all ages who expressed their impressions, concerns and solutions on how to make 'skate paths' a viable addition to public spaces, benefitting the community at large.

Since then we have worked with the young people of both Tom Price and Kalgoorlie to create concept designs for their skate parks, and facilitated skate workshops with indigenous kids in Halls Creek.

We are now working towards the launch of a new sculpture at the Beaufort Street Festival on the 17th of November and developing relationships with metropolitan councils to collaborate on the creation of Skate Paths across Australia.

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