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    Microsoft Store Video Walls

    by Ryan Boyle

    23 Videos

    Graphics created for the Microsoft Store's video wall

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    Create A Cartoon In After Effects

    by Ryan Boyle

    7 Videos

    "How to make a cartoon in After Effects" is a series of video tutorials I created that walks you through the same techniques I use to create cartoons in After Effects.

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    by Ryan Boyle

    35 Videos

  4. 00:00


    by Ryan Boyle

    9 Videos

    Collection of Animation Shorts

  5. 01:40

    Visual Effects and Compositing

    by Ryan Boyle

    2 Videos

    Videos showcasing my visual effects and compositing work.

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    Music Videos

    by Ryan Boyle

    2 Videos

    Videos showcasing my work on various music videos.

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    Instructional Design Videos

    by Ryan Boyle

    4 Videos

    Videos showcasing my design, animation, film, and editing work for online educational pieces for a local university.

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